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  • In the Dark

    One of my biggest concerns in a scenario where the power is out for any length of time is that of having light. A good flashlight is a great commodity. A flashlight is a great survival tool. A flashlight is a great weapon if need be. There are many different options out there but I like those that are rechargeable. I try to keep multiple flashlights around the house and in my vehicle with my vehicle safety kit.

    When I talk about a vehicle safety kit, I usually talk about purchasing something that will last but also purchase one that you will be able to add to. I personally want a lot of stuff in mine. Keep in mind that this kit is nothing you will tote around all the time. It is basically a kit that will help you sustain life for you and yours for a certain period of time. In our local area, we had what was called the "500 year flood" which caused a huge disaster. Many homes were lost. Also, many cars got stuck in certain areas. In particular, we had many vehicles that got stuck on the interstate because of rising waters. Many vehicles had to be abandoned while the owners had to seek out higher ground. The emergency services folks eventually got to them using boats (on the interstate) and rescued them. Many of them were there for a great number of hours. A vehicle safety kit with a lot of "extras" would have came in handy for many of them.

    There are many things you can add to those kits including a first aid kit, medicine and food. Be creative. Get the things that will be comfortable for you and your family.

  • A safety precaution for you

    I am often asked about what people can use for their safety if they don't carry a gun. I am a firm believer in gun rights and an avid carrier myself. However, there are those that just don't carry guns or they are not allowed to carry guns in their particular job. There are things like personal alarms that may be a great item for self defense if need be. The biggest thing that I tell those that ask is make sure you get a personal alarm that has a pull pin on it. What I mean by that is that if the wrist strap is wrapped around your wrists and a bad guy pulls it out of your hand, the pull pin is designed to come out of the personal alarm making it go off. Usually at around 100 db. That is pretty loud and this draws attention toward you and your potential attacker. Great items to keep on your person. I also teach constantly about keeping situational awareness at the front end of everything you do. In other words, keep a vigilant eye out on what is going on around you.

    If attacked, a Kubotan is a great item to have on hand. They are discreet and very simple to use. They can even hold your keys on them. They are light and even stylish. They are made of aircraft grade aluminum. These could be used as striking instruments or pain compliance instruments. I have several myself and have even gotten my wife a few.

  • Fire and Emergencies

    One of my passions is emergency preparedness. I have been promoting this in our community for many years. A lot of people will ask me what disaster is coming next. There is know way of knowing that. However, we can all prepare the best way we can for any and all disasters to cover ourselves in the event something bad happens.

    One item that has multiple uses is something to cover you up in inclement weather. This could serve multiple purposes by not only covering you up but also covering up some of your equipment. Another item that I would recommend each person to carry is something to cut with which could be a large cutting instrument or a small one. As long as you have something you can use to cut with, you will be much better prepared in the event of an emergency.

    Having a card with multiple tools in it can be a great asset to any emergency preparedness kit also. They are usually pretty slim and have multiple items that can be utilized for emergency preparedness. A card with multiple tools in it usually takes up a very small amount of room to.

    My advice is to get a preexisting emergency preparedness kit and then add to it as you see necessary. You can personalize each kit with other comfort type items that you may want or need. And don't forget something to eat with. I like to eat but having a utensil handy in an emergency preparedness kit is essential.

  • My stun gun

    I have a dear friend that I have worked with for many years. She is not a Law Enforcement Officer but she does help women who have been battered. She also teaches domestic violence classes to male and female offenders. She has been doing this for many, many years. She had a very large male lean over the desk one day and try to be intimidating. She is not easily intimidated at all but she did contact me about getting some stun guns. She actually bought three of them from me. She keeps one in her purse, one at home and one in her desk drawer. The funny thing is that when she first got the stun gun, she was amazed by the sound. She showed everyone the very intimidating sound it made. I actually got a kick out of it.

    A great option in my opinion is a stun gun flashlight. These are not only stun guns but are also much needed flashlights. I recommend carrying one in your car. This is something you can hold in your hand while you are out getting that exercise we all so much need to be doing.

    One of my very favorites is the Shorty Flashlight Stun Gun. It has 15,000,000 volts to it. You reckon that will make an attacker think twice about attacking? My guess would be yes. I have been hit by a few stun guns in my past. Not in a bad way. A training way but very uncomfortable for sure.

    Be blessed and good night.

  • Preparedness

    As I got up this morning and got the first of many cups of coffee, I saw that it was around 7 degrees outside. Wow!!!! I am not a huge fan of the cold. I turned on the morning news to watch what was going on and a fellow Law Enforcement Officer was talking about people getting stranded because of all the ice and snow. They would be in their cars broke down waiting on someone to come and help them. I have taught in the past and continue to do so that every person needs a preparedness kit in their cars. The FeatherLite Preparedness Kit is a great option. Having a survival type kit in your vehicle during times like these is essential. There are other kits available. I strongly urge each person to have a FeatherLite Preparedness Kit in each vehicle they own.

    A Stay Safe Kit is essential as well. I personally combine multiple kits to cover every aspect that I may run into. I have what I call three different "Go Bags" in my patrol car. You can get these kits and build on them. Another item to add to these kits is a PowerPack to charge your phones and such in case they go dead during an event like we are having right now. Your vehicle may be not starting but this PowerPack will at least get your enough of a charge on your phone to call for help. I personally think that this is an essential part of any "Go Bag". And yes, I have several of these in my bags.

  • Kubotan

    One of my all time favorite items that I use is a kubotan. It has a key ring on the end of it. It is something that is so very easy to hold in your hand with a few keys on it. It looks like it just belongs. it does not appear to be menacing at all. But, in the case that you need a blunt force striking instrument for emergency purposes such as fighting off an attacker, a Kubotan fits the bill.

    I watched a fellow Officer one day use a device that is somewhat similar to a Kubotan. A local Fireman told the Officer that he could not force him out of the car with the device. The Officer, and all of us watching took this as a challenge. Now you need to know that this was training. It was all in good fun. Saying that, the Officer applied the device and the Fireman could not wait to get out of the car. In fact, he helped himself rather quickly getting out and then complained on how bad that it hurt. Too funny. This device is basically the same exact thing as a Kubotan.

    Another item that I use in my job is a Monkey Fist. The Monkey Fist is something I was introduced to in my military training years ago. A great way to offset the balance of the keys in your pocket and keep your keys all together. The great thing is that a Monkey Fist can be deployed very quickly if need be for personal protection. They come in many different colors. Try one today. Talk to a local Officer and see if they don't have one. They are very popular among the Police and Fire Services.

  • Mace Pepper Spray

    Well, here we are!

    Me and my wife have been teaching a Handgun Permit and Gun Safety Class since 2007. I personally have been a Law Enforcement Officer since 1995 and currently am the Sergeant over the Special Operations Division of a mid sized Police Department. We have 50 Officers. I served in the United States Navy prior to getting into Law Enforcement. I teach multiple classes in our community for our department. One of them is the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events which keeps me very busy.

    My wife Margaret is the CEO of Carenet Medical Pregnancy Center and has been employed there for 17.5 years. We have a daughter, Brooke who is a Registered Nurse at our local hospital emergency room. She is married to the love of her life, Daniel.

    Margaret and I started our side business, Cole Personal Safety in 2007. Many people kept asking us where they could get pepper spray.

    We had other people ask similar questions such as questions wanting to purchase Mace Pepper Spray.  We did not have those items but started researching. It was hard to find self defense products that were non lethal.

    We started this addition to our current business to help those out who could not find the items they needed. We are very excited about this new expansion. It is a learning process but taking this one step at a time. We would love your business and we appreciate each of you. Thank you for stopping by.

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